Introduction                                                       Products Details  

1. Introduction

Kaneng Industries Inc. is a privately owned Canadian Company which was founded January 1983 specializing in the design and manufacture of paper machine doctors, blade holders and associated accessories.

We pride ourselves on our designs, manufacturing and service facilities.

Conveniently located in a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, we are 10 minutes away from Montreal's International Airport.

Our emergency Doctor Blade supply/service program can assure any order is processed and shipped within 24 hours. Normal Doctor Blade delivers can be effected within 3 - 5 hours.

Kaneng specializes in design, manufacture of auxiliary equipment on paper and board making machines offering a wide range of fine products such as :

             Doctor bladesassemblies
             Doctor assemblies
             Doctor accessories

             Paper drying expert system software "PDES"
             Complete steam & condensate system
             Energy audits
             Prepackaged condensate tanks & thermocompressor skid assemblies

            Showers stationary & oscillating type
            Shower oscillators
            Single nozzle traversing showering
            Showers brush type
            Uhle suction boxes & covers

            Calender rolls "SHW"
            Calender hot water heating system
            Calender roll steam heating system


2. Products details

 1. Doctor Blades

To meet the demanding requirement of todays fast, high tonnage paper machines, the selection of the correct Doctor Blade material can mean
the difference between high and low efficiency. Blade selection should be based on the following requirements

    1. Sheet Removal
    2. Dirt Removal
    3. Conditioning of roll surface

 2. Others

1) Blade Holder
    The Kaneng range of Blade Holders includes many unique features that are essential to meet todays requirements of wide and high speed paper machines.

2) Accessory Equipment for Doctors

3) Twin Doctors for water removal
    Due to innovative engineering, Kaneng has become the recognized leader in the paper industry in Twin Doctors on the Paper Machine.

3. References

Kaneng has enough references in wide range of paper mills worldwide.